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Teaser Puzzle

A friend passes you a note with the following strange image.

She explains that several of the letters can be morphed from one to another without adding new edges, joining new points together, or cutting edges apart. For example, the A and E in her note can be morphed back and forth because both contain exactly one loop joined with an edge. Can you decode the number pairs by identifying groups of letters than can be “morphed” from one to another? Try writing each group in alphabetical order on the corresponding rows of the grid…

Like in the example above, MaPP puzzles are fun challenges which get students learning and using mathematics and problem-solving skills, by engaging them with mathematical ideas outside the usual arithmetic-to-calculus sequence.

More Puzzles

MaPP open-sources its game books for use by anyone under a Creative Commons license. PDFs of previous game books are available at the following links.

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Contributing a Puzzle

If you would like to contribute a puzzle you can contact the organizers at info@mappmath.org.