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Teaser Puzzle

A friend passes you a note with the following strange image.

She explains that the letters in the left group belong in the 5x5 grid on the right. It has something to do with the loops and intersections: can you figure out the rules for which letters belong where? If so, you'll reveal a hidden eight-letter word!

Like in the example above, MaPP puzzles are fun challenges which get players using logic and problem-solving skills, by engaging them with ideas outside the standard secondary school experience

More Puzzles

Our MaPP poster includes this puzzle, as well as two more sample puzzles for you to try.

MaPP open-sources its game books for use by anyone under a Creative Commons license. PDFs of previous game books are available at the following links.

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Contributing a Puzzle

If you would like to contribute a puzzle you can contact the organizers at info@mappmath.org.