Poster Puzzle

Scroll down to check your answers to our poster puzzles, or further down for a copy of our poster, or even further for hints if you're stuck!

What is MaPP anyway?

The mission of Mathematical Puzzle Programs (MaPP) is to organize quality events which get students moving around, engaged in problems,  and having fun by learning and using mathematics to solve a series of puzzles.

Our signature event, the MaPP Challenge, is a puzzlehunt event ran at several college campuses across the country each year, open to their local communities, particularly high school students. Players find puzzles hidden at physical locations across campus, delivered through a GPS-enabled smart device applicaiton. Correct solutions generally lead to new locations and additional puzzles, and our main puzzles are inspired by concepts from contemporary mathematics subjects and research. Email us at to get involved!


Hints (spoilers!)

Red Puzzle

Green Puzzle

Blue Puzzle