Free & Open-Source

We believe that we can do more as a community by working together. That’s why Mathematical Puzzle Programs does not charge for host campuses to run its events, and that’s why MaPP has a free and open-source culture with respect to its published works.

The contents of this site are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, and we release our puzzle materials under similar licenses. This means that you have the right to use, remix, and share our mathematical content however you want, as long as you give appropriate credit to us.

We want to thank our volunteers across the country who have agreed to create mathematical puzzle content for us to license under these terms. Through your work, we hope to encourage more young adults to embrace mathematical thinking in their academics and careers!

Open Source Materials

The source files to our game books and other materials may be found on our GitHub page here. 

How to Attribute

There’s no strict rule governing how you can satisfy the attribution requirement of CCBY4.0, but we encourage you to adapt the following example as a model (preserving the links):

This puzzle was originally featured as Puzzle 3: A Series of Improbable Events, written by Jonah Ostroff and featured in Mathematical Puzzle Programs High School Challenge ‘16. It has been reused under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


Epsilon Camp

Jeffrey Ford’s Domineering puzzle from High School Challenge ‘16 was featured in Epsilon Camp 2016.

MoMath Dimensions Puzzlehunt

Several HSC16 and LaMP2015 puzzles were repurposed for the National Museum of Mathematics’ (MoMath) Dimensions Puzzlehunt for Fall 2016, designed by former MaPP Director Dr. Steven Clontz.